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Jordan Restaurants

Amman Restaurant

Jordan Restaurants was created in 2019 to cater for a need that presented itself in restaurants that cater for foreigners and tourists. The need to explain and translate the restaurants’ menu and bring forward the restaurant to search engine results in a more focused way.

What is it?

The idea is simple, provide an online page that allows the restaurant to display their information and menu and be able to translate it to any language available, therefore they can better serve their guests regardless of their nationality or language preference.


As 2020 rolled in, the global pandemic hit the tourism and service industry hard; the need for online business specially became a must have. The individual cost of having a website for each restaurant turned out to be a burden to most. Therefore, Jordan Restaurants became a free public service site that allows users to browse through thousands of listed restaurants and allows restaurant owners to create their customized online content, free of charge.

As a response to the ever-developing situation we also added a job section and a marketplace sections, these allows restaurants to find employees, and for staff to find employment. It also allows business owners to sell assets and find needed assets as well, therefore keeping the industry alive and connected.


The website is free to use and create, and offers the following features:

  • Customized home page
  • Menu item page
  • Rating
  • Contact details
  • Direct messaging
  • Location map
  • Events announcements
  • News section
  • Jobs and employment
  • Marketplace
  • Telephone directory
  • Post comments
  • Social media links

For Restaurants

This website is completely free of charge to use, free of any fees or hidden charges to all participating restaurants, it is an effort to help the industry achieve higher standers and get more exposure.

For more details and information, you can always contact us for a chat and options


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